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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

14w - Stressful couple of weeks

Weight: 119lbs
Waist: No idea!
Symptoms: slight nausea (stopped taking diclectin), tossing and turning all night, cramps, fatigue, burping, bitter taste in mouth.

Since my last entry, there has been lots going on. I started diclectin at 11 weeks because I was SO sick. I just stopped taking them a couple days ago, and so far, I am managing well.

Last Saturday, when I was 12w 4d, I was relaxing on my sofa after a very busy day of entertaining guests. When I got up to pee, I noticed a pretty scary amount of blood when I wiped. This was around 8pm. DH was out, but on his way home, so as soon as he got back, I drove myself to the ER.

I had to wait close to an hour before I saw a doctor. When I got in, the doctor was very nice, but prepared my for the worse. First he did an ultrasound, that showed baby was 100% fine and horse-kicking me :) A pelvic exam showed that I was not dilating at all, but there was some old blood present.

He consulted with the OB on call, and decided I would go home, take it easy, and see the OB Monday morning.

On Monday, I saw the OB and he checked baby again. Everything looked perfect. He suspected maybe a previa, but ordered a detailed ultrasound to determine what was going on. I also went on bedrest for two days.

Wednesday I had my ultrasound, and Friday my family doctor gave me the results that baby was perfect (measuring a few days ahead!) and that no problems were found. It's very likely I had a marginal bleed around my placenta that has since healed itself.

I'm still trying to take things as easy as possible as to not aggravate the problem, and so far, everything is going well. Thank God!

So much for a complication-free pregnancy!


Jodi said...

congrats on your pregnancy..its so exciting i love to follow

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