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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bryden: 2 Months

Just a quick update on lil' man!

  • He is now 11lbs
  • Yesterday he had his 2 month shots, and did quite well-- only a little crying, and some fussiness today and last night.
  • He smiles, coos, and loves it when you talk to him.
  • He really enjoys his play mat.
  • He does not like to sleep anywhere but in my arms or in bed with Dan and I.
  • He had his first time away from Mommy & Daddy just this past weekend-- he stayed with Dan's parents for a few hours so Dan & I could go to the movies!
  • He still hates having a bath.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

7 Weeks with Bryden

My weight: 128lbs (FINALLY losing some pounds!)

It is hard to believe that my lil guy is already 7 weeks old. The time has gone by in a flash.

Just this past week, he has been starting to interact. He coos and says "a-guh" when I talk to him. He smiles when I talk to him. It melts my heart!

He is also a much happier baby. I took dairy out of my diet and within two days, he was no longer uncomfortable, cranky and discontent.

His sleep has gone from waking every 45 minutes to sleeping about 2 hours at a time (and last night I actually got 4 hours out of him!)

He still isn't a fan of shopping though, and it is always a risk to take him out for very long.

He's such a handsome little guy!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bryden: Month 1

Post partum weight: 132lbs

Bryden's weight: 9lbs 6oz!

It is so hard to wrap my head around the fact that my little man is 5 weeks old already. It has been a blur!

In his first two weeks, he was a little jaundiced, but that resolved on its own. By two weeks, he had regained his birth weight.
He also got a cold (mostly just a stuffy nose) that lasted for two weeks and really challenged my frame of mind. The poor little guy could only sleep if I held him upright. Elevating his mattress wasn't enough-- so that made for many long, exhausting nights. I also had the cold, so that made things even more draining. I had one night where I broke down crying to Dan about how tired I was. He really felt bad and helped me as much as he could.

Just this past week, Bryden's cold has finally cleared. His sleeping however, didn't improve, so on Tuesday I took him to the osteopath for an adjustment. She found that his skull needed adjustment, but also suggested that I may want to go off dairy products as well. Since his visit, he has managed to sleep on his back, in his crib for 1-2 hour stretches during the progress!

Juggling two kids has definitely been quite a challenge. I am incredibly lucky that Audrina loves her little brother so much. She adores him and asks to hold him a dozen times a day. That being said, she also tries to stick to my side constantly and has been much louder. I am trying my best to be very patient with her and give her as much attention as possible (which is hard when you're sleep deprived and have a cluster feeding infant attached to you). I have ventured out a handful of times with both kids to grocery shop and for the most part the trips have gone well. I must look like a train-wreck though, because I can't keep track of how many times people have stopped me to ask about the kids or offered me their place in the check-out line up. 

Personality-wise, Bryden is a little more challenging than I remember Audrina being. He seems pretty agitated and uncomfortable when he is awake (unless he is on the boob). I did notice that since his trip to the osteopath however, he seems more content for longer periods of time now, and his eyes look more alert and clear. I'm hoping that his visit has resolved his discomfort.

He also hates his carseat. And going in the car, especially when the car is not moving. This had made it much more challenging for me to take him shopping, and to get errands done.

He loves nothing more than to be held. He is happiest when I am holding him tummy-to-tummy.

Today, he had his latest check-up. He's up to 9lbs 6oz! The lil stinker has gained nearly 3lbs since his two-week checkup! This kind of makes me sad, and proud. Sad because he's growing WAY too fast, but proud that I am nourishing him so well.

Postpartum-wise for me, I am doing ok. The first two weeks were excruciating. A healing episiotomy and hemorrhoids made it near impossible for me to do much of anything. The sitz bath was my best friend.

Physically now, I feel pretty good. Things are still occasionally tender down there if I do too much, but I feel good. This week, my PP bleeding also seems to have stopped.
Weight-wise, well, I don't even want to get into that. I am stuck at 132lbs. 20lbs from where I was when I got pregnant. Ugh. I have a feeling that I am going to struggle a lot more to lose this baby weight than I did when I had Audrina!

Friday, September 26, 2014

My baby has arrived!!

1 week postpartum
Symptoms: Emotional, slightly anxious, still very sore from episiotomy/hemorrhoids, engorged breasts, sore nipples, fatigued, but otherwise in love <3 br="">Weight: 134lbs
Waist: 31''

On September 19th, I gave birth to an amazing, precious, BEAUTIFUL baby BOY!

Seems as though the membrane sweep might have got things going. The day after I had it, I had a lot of BH contractions, but nothing uncomfortable or constant.

At around 12:00am on September 19th, I woke up to a painful contraction. I went back to sleep only to be woke up again about 8 minutes later by another painful contraction.

I decided to get up and see if they were going anywhere. Judging by the fact that they were actually painful, I had an inkling that this might be it!

When I got up, the contractions were odd - I'd have one at 13 minutes apart, then a smaller one 8 minutes later. By 1:15am, they were coming at 8 minutes and 5 minutes. I sat and watched TV and pondered whether or not to wake up DH to call his parents to come over (they had to make a 1 hour drive to get here, so I really didn't want to call them if it was a false alarm).

By 2:00am, I was sure this was it. The contractions were not stopping and were closer to 5 minutes apart. I woke DH up and he called his parents. Later he admitted that he did not believe I was really in labour and figured that I would just fall asleep on the couch after he called his

When his Dad arrived at around 3:00am, I was having contractions at 5 min and 3 min apart. We got our bags together and off we went to the hospital.

On our way, I had a number of contractions that were about 3-4 min apart. Still, we stopped by Tim Horton's and grabbed a snack before arriving at the hospital around 3:30am.

I was checked in and placed on the monitors. Baby was sleepy and I had to be moved around a bit to get him to wake up. My contractions were getting harder and harder. About 45 minutes into arriving, another couple also came in and were on the other side of the curtain in the same room. I sincerely hope what they were to experience with me on the other side did not traumatize them.

My contractions quickly became quite painful. A couple were so bad that I was crying afterwards. It just felt so miserable. The nurse heard me, came in, and checked me -- I was 5cm! With that, she admitted me to L&D and I begged her to order the epidural.

As I moved to my L&D room, I decided that before I got my IV, I needed to use the bathroom-- meaning I needed to poop!! It was a totally unique experience to try to have a bowel movement between contractions. I also lost my mucous plug at this point, and man it was nasty. There was so much, and it was so gross.

Once that was all done, things kept moving really quickly. I had to sign my admitting paperwork between contractions. It was so awful..

My nurse was awesome and was such an amazing help (as was DH). They really helped me focus and breathe while I waited impatiently for the epidural to arrive. I tried the nitrous gas and while it did offer some relief, it was not enough.
 I was 7cm when the anesthesiologist finally got in. It was so challenging to try to stay still while he placed the epidural, but I managed. Once it was in, I was like a new person. This was around 6:45am. I felt awesome. I went from misery to laughing, smiling and texting. I let my Mom know that I would be having the baby soon...and also texted the daycare provider to let her know that Audrina wouldn't be there that day.

At 7am, the OB on call, Dr. Coolen arrived and introduced herself. She checked my progress and I was 9-10cm. She offered to break my water, and I agreed.

That's when things got crazy.

Almost as soon as she broke my water, the baby's heart rate started dropping.

They tried to roll me on either side. Baby's heart would go back to normal for a minute, then drop again. I went to all fours, same thing. I pushed and pushed and pushed to try to get him out, but was making little progress, as his head was coming down crooked.

The more we tried, the more concerned and upset I was becoming. I could hear the heart rate cut out on the monitors. I could tell the doctor and nurse were concerned.

Very quickly, they prepped me to go into the OR for a potential c-section. DH was given the blue suit to put on. I tried to push out the baby every time I had a contraction, even as they were wheeling me down the hall.

I was crying and scared, and DH was doing his best to keep me at ease. I was so determined to get the baby out.

When we got into the OR, there were SO many people. At least 10. Everyone was so nice and caring and really made me feel like I was in good hands.

I tried pushing a couple more times, and still had no luck moving baby down. The OB then decided as a last attempt at a vaginal birth, she'd try to use the forceps to straighten baby out. She quickly performed an episiotomy, and with my next contraction, used the forceps to turn the baby while I pushed. With her assistance he was out in two quick pushes and came out crying. As they caught him, I saw that - HE WAS A BOY!!! I cried and looked at DH and screamed "It's a boy! We have a little boy!" He was so, so happy. We were just both so relieved that he was ok and so excited to have a boy!

They handed him to me almost immediately, and I was in love. He had a soft, light layer of very blonde hair on his head-- something that I was kind of surprised about, since DD had such dark hair.

----to be continued----

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

38w 3d - 39w 1d

Weight 146.6lbs
Waist: 38''
Symptoms: Yeast Infection, lots of movement "down low," snoring, inner thigh pain, lots of BH contractions.

At my 38w 3d appointment with my OB, we went over the usual: weight, BP, urine test, fundal measurements, etc.

As soon as my OB measured my belly she said, "Oh, you're smaller this week! Baby has definitely dropped!" Wooo! She checked my dilation and I was a 1-2 but still very high up so she couldn't do a sweep.

I left feeling really excited and sure that this baby would be coming soon.

Fast-forward 5 days later to my latest check-up and I was at this point getting discouraged. I know it is silly, since I am only 39w 1d, but given my past experience with pregnancy, I just didn't think I'd be pregnant this long!

At today's checkup, I was 2cm dilated and low enough that my OB could do a membrane sweep-- so I agreed. Here's to hoping it makes something happen!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

38w 2d - counting down

Waist: 38''
Weight: 144lbs
Symptoms: hemorrhoids from hell, heartburn, lots of pressure and tightness in my lower abdomen, braxton hicks, baby making lots of hard jabs at my cervix, snoring, hard time breathing at night, occasional pain in right, inner thigh tendon when walking, lots of baby movement, fatigue, increased CM (eggwhite to light yellow), increased urination, minimal kidney pain!

Glad to say that I am fully recovered from the food poisoning. Good grief it took at least 5-6 days though. I am now back to eating normal and up to 3 cups of red raspberry leaf tea per day.

The last few days this baby has really wedged itself nice and low into my pelvis. I've been having a wide variety of pains! Increased contractions as well, but nothing regular. Still, I don't know how much longer this pregnancy has...things are definitely getting more challenging and feel "different."

After a full week by myself last week (DD was in daycare full-time still), this week with her home Tues-Thurs has been much more challenging. The poor thing has been pretty bored and it's really tough for me to keep her entertained. I have trouble getting down on the floor to play, keeping up with her, or going out and walking any distance. I think we're both looking forward to tomorrow so that she can see her friends again.

Speaking of tomorrow, I will have my latest check-up with my OB. At my last appointment, she mentioned that we could check for dilation this time...and although I never thought I'd really go for it, I make take her up on the offer if I still feel like things are changing in there!

I am really starting to get antsy now. Knowing that this baby could come at any time, and knowing that labour is approaching (gah!) is on my mind constantly!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

36w 2d - 37w : More drama? Sure.

Weight: 145lbs then down to 142.6lbs
Symptoms: yeast infection, heartburn, lots of movement, fatigue, braxton hicks, hip pain, kidney pain.

Just a recap of my awesome past few days...

Thursday: My manager came in and surprised me with flowers, and a card and told me that after taking me out to lunch that day, I would be free to go home (and they'd pay me for the rest of the week). Yay! Officially done work a day early.

Friday: Went to my weekly OB appointment that afternoon. GBS swab was negative (yay!), but baby was super active again and we couldn't get a good heartrate. My OB sent me up to the hospital to have another strip done. Since she was also on her way up to the hospital, she said she would review the strip herself afterwards to make sure all was ok.

I ended up at the hospital a little longer than planned, since mid-stress test, my doctor had to deliver a baby. lol She reviewed the strip and baby's heartrate looked perfect! Awesome!

Saturday: Woke up feeling yucky, but didn't think much of it. I have had some awful heartburn, so I chalked it up to that. Felt worse and worse as the day went on. Despite that, we decided that we would go to my inlaws for the night to visit for the night. I felt nauseated all day but managed to eat a little supper. Woke up in the middle of the night vomiting multiple times. Eventually it got so bad that I could not stop vomiting. By morning, I called the nurses line, since I couldn't even drink water, and was advised to go to the hospital. I was pretty nervous to go to a hospital I wasn't familiar with, but the staff there were SO great! Everyone was really nice and thorough. I ended up spending the entire day there, getting 2 bags of fluids and gravol to stop vomiting.

Even when I got back to the inlaw's, I couldn't eat.

Sunday: Still not able to eat much more than a few crackers and juice. Exhausted, nauseated, miserable. Came home later that day.

Monday: Still insanely exhausted and can't eat much. Have lost 3lbs.

Tuesday: Able to eat a little more, but not much. Tired out really easy. It's crazy how hard this has hit me. I seriously hope I don't go into labour any time soon, I seriously do not have the strength to give birth right now, and that is scary.

Really hoping I can start to get some nutrients in me so that I start feeling better. I am really worried about this effecting the baby. I also really wanted to use this week to get  stuff done around the house, since it's the last full week that DD will be in daycare. Blah.