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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

14w - Stressful couple of weeks

Weight: 119lbs
Waist: No idea!
Symptoms: slight nausea (stopped taking diclectin), tossing and turning all night, cramps, fatigue, burping, bitter taste in mouth.

Since my last entry, there has been lots going on. I started diclectin at 11 weeks because I was SO sick. I just stopped taking them a couple days ago, and so far, I am managing well.

Last Saturday, when I was 12w 4d, I was relaxing on my sofa after a very busy day of entertaining guests. When I got up to pee, I noticed a pretty scary amount of blood when I wiped. This was around 8pm. DH was out, but on his way home, so as soon as he got back, I drove myself to the ER.

I had to wait close to an hour before I saw a doctor. When I got in, the doctor was very nice, but prepared my for the worse. First he did an ultrasound, that showed baby was 100% fine and horse-kicking me :) A pelvic exam showed that I was not dilating at all, but there was some old blood present.

He consulted with the OB on call, and decided I would go home, take it easy, and see the OB Monday morning.

On Monday, I saw the OB and he checked baby again. Everything looked perfect. He suspected maybe a previa, but ordered a detailed ultrasound to determine what was going on. I also went on bedrest for two days.

Wednesday I had my ultrasound, and Friday my family doctor gave me the results that baby was perfect (measuring a few days ahead!) and that no problems were found. It's very likely I had a marginal bleed around my placenta that has since healed itself.

I'm still trying to take things as easy as possible as to not aggravate the problem, and so far, everything is going well. Thank God!

So much for a complication-free pregnancy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

11 Weeks

Symptoms: Bitter taste in mouth, nausea, dry-heaving, burping, fatigue, acne, bloating.

I can't believe that we're at 11 weeks already. One more week, and we'll announce to the world that the next little member of our family is on the way!

The last couple of weeks have been quite rough. I have been very nauseated and dry-heaving almost all day long. It's been difficult to work and also balance home life. I feel the worst in the evenings, so cooking supper most nights is a no-go. I also had to take a couple of half-days off from work.

Over the weekend, things started to get better, but today I'm feeling pretty gross again. I'm hoping this will ease up soon!

The winter is still brutal, and it's also not helping my severe want to stay inside..! Here we are in March, and it's still -21C YUCK! I just want to hibernate!

Monday, February 10, 2014

7w 1d: Blech

Weight: 116.6 lbs
Symptoms: Nausea, extreme bloating, chin acne, fatigue, super dry skin on hands, elbows, knees, feet, jittery feeling, unable to eat anything but bland foods.

7 weeks in and already feeling lots of "mommy-guilt."

Guilt because I haven't been blogging as much with this pregnancy.
Guilt because I've been a completely moody cranky pants for the last two weeks.
Guilt because I can hardly stomach anything healthy.

I am also still very nervous about the pregnancy. I get cramping on and off still, making my doctors offer of an early ultrasound even more tempting in a couple weeks.

I'm really looking forward to confirming that everything is ok, and there's a healthy bean in there! So many of the girls on my due date club at JM have had losses already! It's really sad :(

4w - Doesn't feel real.

Weight: 113lbs
Symptoms: Cramping, increased hunger.

...And so this journey has begun again. I really didn't think we would be pregnant after ONE cycle of trying.

I took a FRER Saturday morning, and sure enough, it was a clear BFP.
(photo to be added)

It doesn't feel real. I am shocked that we were lucky enough to get pregnant so quickly.

I have been staring at my chart, and I am convinced that there is no way I ovulated on CD 16. My BFP was too clear, my other symptoms were timed oddly, and that blaring OPK that I got on CD 12 was something I cannot deny. I asked many different people online, and it's more likely that I ovulated the 14th, which is what I am going with. That sets me up for a September 23rd due date.

I do really dislike this part of pregnancy. I am so nervous about miscarriage. I know it is something I cannot control, but I just don't want to do anything wrong.

I've been having a lot of cramping, but that is it for symptoms. I really don't feel pregnant. I am SO looking forward to the weeks ahead!


Symptoms: Bloating, mild nausea, fatigue, awful skin!

I am so bloated that I already have started to get a bump! Yikes!

Too tired to type anything more than that... *yawn*

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3w3d - IM PREGNANT!!!

When I got home from work this evening, I decided to take a test. Not sure what struck me, but I said, "what the heck? Why not?"

I grabbed an IC and within a few seconds, 2 lines formed..and got darker.

I was shocked. According to my chart, I am only 8dpo.

I immediately went out and showed DH, who was just as surprised. In the morning, I will take the FRER that I have stashed away.

I don't even know what to think!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas & TTC Follow-up

Christmas turned out to be a really great day. Audrina got up at her usual, 5:30am, and we took her out to see the tree. She was so excited to see that Santa had finally come, and brought her presents. The first thing she went for was her green ball, the one thing she wanted from Santa.

The one gift that I thought she would love, a motorized car, she HATES. "I not like it." she kept saying, "Too loud!"


She had many more presents to open once Dan's parents and my Mom arrived. She was in her glory. She was equally excited to give everyone else their presents too :)

Christmas dinner was perfect. I was so nervous, as I had a LOT to live up to, being responsible for this meal, but it turned out perfect. I was very proud.

Dan and I both agreed that this was the best Christmas yet. Being able to finally host something like this at our place was great!

Also, we've pinned down that we are very much TTC! There's no more hesitation for DH, and we've been actively trying all month. I am now on CD 18, and I *think* I may have ovulated on CD 16. That should be confirmed with tomorrows temp.

I am being realistic that it will take more than one cycle to get pregnant, but I would really love to have it happen this month!